Shift Color

Change the color of any material rendered with any shader!
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(This will require a modern WebGL-capable browser.)

Get more mileage...

...from your existing textures. Create new color variants at runtime without increasing your build size or artist load. As the plugin alters textures, it works with any shader or material. Even materials with multiple RGB textures can be recolored.

Simple adjustments are trivial

Basic tasks like hue-shifting, saturation, brightness, contrast, and value adjustments are simple and easy. Image recoloring is GPU-accelerated and there's a RenderTexture-based option if you want to make new adjustments every frame!

Intelligent color replacement

Pick one or more colors in your source image to replace with another, preserving brightness tones. Each color swap can be carefully tuned to affect colors within a certain threshold and the adjustable softness keeps the color change threshold from appearing too sharp.

Additionally, you can desaturate all but a single target color in the image, allowing for interesting visual effects.

Crossfade LUTs, and do it on mobile

While using a 3D color-mapping LUT is old news, this asset allows you to smoothly crossfade between two different LUTs or bring one into the mix as slow or fast as you'd like.

Additionally, this feature functions on platforms (such as Android and WebGL) that don't support 3D texture lookups.

Apply to the camera

All coloring options available for recoloring textures can also be applied to the camera as a postprocessing effect. Summon a smooth color change or a sudden, stark grading reversal to help bring home those emotionally impactful moments.

And more!

You can also do rudimentary color grading with the provided curves tool!

Here's a full list of the available coloring options:

  • Hue, saturation, value, brightness, and contrast
  • Replace one color with another, as many sets of colors as desired, applied serially
  • Desaturate all but one color
  • Tune threshold and softness for desaturation and color replacements
  • Adjust HSV, RGB, and alpha curves
  • LUT color remapping, with smooth transitions between LUTs

Some of the features shown may require a newer version than available in the Unity Asset Store. Please email me if you'd like to try the newer version.