Embedded Browser

Put a real, live web Chromium-powered browser in your game.

Download Demo:

Windows OS X Linux
Windows VR

Render the page texture in your world or apply is as your UI.

Render a webpage to a texture and fully interact with it! Expedite your inventory manager, simplify your registration page, or build a UI at lightning speed!

  - Render sites to 2D or 3D objects
  - Chromium backend; best-in-class support for: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  - Call JavaScript┬╣ from Unity
  - Call Unity from JavaScript┬╣
  - Transparent or opaque page background
  - Embed HTML + assets in game
  - Comprehensive 3D UI/HUD demo
  - Context menus, alert/prompt/confirm/pw prompt
    - Customizable design, no OS modals
  - Control: url, back, reload, resize, etc.
  - Mipmap-emulation shader: faster texture updates without sparkles
  - Intercept new windows and create in-scene objects for them
  - Minimalist JSON library
  - <video> support for Chromium's open codecs (h.264/mp3 not licensed)
  - Render SVGs
  - Customize cursors
  - Experimental support for Adobe Flash
  - Page inspector
  - Edit/delete cookies
  - Customizable mouse/keyboard input
    - Included: mouse click, FPS, or GUI
    - Included: VR (HTC Vive and Oculus Touch tested on Windows)
    - Included: World-space keyboard for VR
  - Build files included automatically
  - Set Chromium CLI flags

Supported Platforms
  - Windows 32-bit Standalone (Mono)
  - Windows 64-bit Standalone (Mono, il2cpp)
  - OS X 64-bit Standalone (Mono, il2cpp)
  - Linux 64-bit Standalone (experimental) (Mono)

(Unfortunately Android, iOS, UWP/HoloLens, other platforms, and the Mac App Store are not supported at this time. Further details. Wish for more.)

Check the readme for more details.

┬╣"JavaScript" refers to ECMAScript, used in web browsers, not UnityScript, used in Unity Engine scripting. More