World Portals

Allow your characters to step across space or into another world!

This package allows you to create portals that players can see and walk through as if space itself has been warped.

Games such as Alexander Bruce's Antechamber, Galactic Cafe's The Stanley Parable, and Valve's Portal series added interesting and mind-bending game dynamics by allowing the player to see and step seamlessly across space through portals.

Build ancient teleporters, interdimensional gateways, impossible spaces, and mind-bending realities!

- Step through portals seamlessly using Unity's First Person Controller.
- Stand inside portals without camera/clipping glitches. (Not all portal packages can do this!)
- "Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out." Physics objects flying through portals continue flying as expected.
- Simple objects traveling through portals automatically get a seamless appearance.
- Recursive rending supports portals inside portals (inside portals). The only limit is your render texture memory + rendering budget.
- Adjustable portal resolution.
- Live previews of portals appear in edit mode.

- Render texture support on your target hardware + enough RT RAM for the number of on-screen portals you'll have at once.
- For portals that objects or cameras will travel through, be sure to follow the instructions in the readme.

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(This will require a modern WebGL-capable browser.)